The Point on Federal

Commercial, Feasibility Study
About This Project
      • Restaurant / Entertainment Venue
      • 40,000+ Gross Square Feet – 5 Story with Roof Deck
      • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      • Programming
      • Feasibility Study
      • Schematic Design
      • Renderings

In collaboration with the developer, we undertook the concept design and renderings for this project: a beer hall and a larger entertainment venue. Our aim was to create compelling designs and accompanying marketing materials to attract additional investors.

The entertainment venue concept involved a multi-venue facility that shared common “back of house” functions. The first two stories were designated as a beer hall and restaurant, featuring a covered front patio space. The design incorporated a seamless connection between the two floors, both internally and externally. The large windows on the second floor opened up to the front patio, creating an open and inviting atmosphere.

Moving upward, the third and fourth floors were dedicated to office spaces along the street frontage, providing ample glazing for natural light and a connection to the urban environment. The rear of the building was designed to accommodate storage and kitchen spaces, catering to the needs of the on-site restaurants. The fifth and top floor featured a restaurant with indoor seating and an expansive roof deck, with a cocktail bar. From this vantage point, visitors could enjoy unobstructed views of the Philadelphia skyline.

One of the key design elements of the building was the white tower element, strategically positioned to anchor the overall design. To enhance the street-level experience, we stepped back the first floor, creating an outdoor patio space for the ground floor restaurant. This design move not only added visual interest but also allowed for an engaging street-front experience.

Another notable feature was the use of metal louvers on the street frontage façade. The placement and frequency of these louvers varied as the number of stories progressed upwards on the main building. As the building ascended, the number or frequency of the metal window louvers decreased, creating a dynamic visual effect and adding texture to the façade.

Throughout the design process, our team worked closely with the developer to ensure that the design options were attractive and aligned with the project’s goals. By presenting these options alongside well-crafted marketing materials, we aimed to generate interest and secure additional investments for the development.