The Stark Building

Commercial, Leasing Support, Mixed Use
About This Project
      • Mixed Use Building
      • 80,000+ Gross Square Feet
      • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      • Engineering Coordination
      • Adaptive Reuse
      • Block Plans
      • Schematic Design
      • Design Development
      • Contract Documents
      • Contract Construction Administration
      • Renderings

As the base building architect for the landlord of this mixed-use building, our role extends beyond the initial renovation phase. We provide ongoing support for the leasing operation by assisting potential tenants with block plans and diagrams for “test fits.” These drawings help them visualize how their desired layout and design can be accommodated within the available space.

During Phase I of the project, we completed contract documents and documentation for the renovation of the existing two-story brick warehouse. This involved preparing detailed plans, specifications, and construction drawings that outlined the scope of work for the core and shell renovation. These documents serve as a guide for the contractors and ensure that the renovation aligns with the intended design and functionality.

To enhance the marketing efforts for the building, we have also created three-dimensional renderings of the renovated building. These renderings provide a realistic representation of the future look and feel of the property, allowing the building owner to showcase it in leasing advertisements and brochures. By visually presenting the potential of the space, these renderings attract prospective tenants and create interest in the property.

In addition to the renderings, we have created other drawings specifically used for marketing materials. These drawings may include floor plans, elevations, and sections that highlight the unique features and design elements of the building. They help potential tenants understand the spatial layout and envision how their businesses can thrive within the space.

Moving forward, we will continue to support the leasing operation by providing concept renderings and full contract documents as needed for the leased spaces. Concept renderings offer a glimpse into the possibilities of design and layout, enabling potential tenants to visualize their business operations within the space. Once a tenant expresses interest, we will develop full contract documents that outline the specific design requirements, technical specifications, and construction details necessary to bring their vision to life.

By providing comprehensive architectural services throughout the leasing process, we aim to attract future tenants, meet their unique needs, and contribute to the successful occupancy of the building. Our ongoing support ensures that the building owner can effectively market the property, and prospective tenants can make informed decisions based on a clear understanding of the available spaces and their potential.